Oct 5, 2022

Black Love: Iowa Maternity Session

Hands on baby belly

Their Story

Whether I’ve known you since I was 18 like I’ve known Morgan, I truly desire to learn your story and to photograph you exactly as you are. I know, I know.. I’ve said that. But what does it mean? To me, “exactly as you are” means your personality, your emotions, the way you connect with your partner or family. For Morgan & Russ, they are the best of friends (I say that with jealousy) and they truly never stop laughing. Unsurprisingly, their first baby has almost as big of personality as each of his parents. Anyone who gets the pleasure of knowing them, or even just meeting them, is instantly drawn into their warmth and quickly has hurt cheeks from laughter. So obviously, I knew that giggles and laughter were going to be a large part of this session.

However, Morgan also told me she wanted to “look like a peasant.” After laughing and asking for inspo pictures, it was clear that she really wanted an outdoor session in a flowy dress with photos that embody gentleness and emotion.

So, we got to get both.

The Session

The other essential characteristic of the Jones Family….. they gone show up late. Hear me on this, not fashionably late… just late. Morgan has told me “I’m on my way” for years when she was still unshowered and in pajamas. So, by the time they arrived to their session we had verrryyy little light to work with. That’s okay though, they were such troopers and the photos turned out beautiful.

The lesson? Amazing results come when you’re working from a place of love & respect.

As always, you are celebrated here. It is safe to be 100% you, whatever that looks like. You’re free to be 30 minutes early or fashionably late. To be multifaceted: full of laughter and also soft smiles for days.

I’d love to get to know you exactly as you are and work together. Fill out the contact form on my website!



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