Nov 24, 2022

Sand Dunes Engagement Shoot and 5 Reasons to Take Engagement Photos | Seguro Photo Co.

If you are thinking about taking engagement photos, here are five compelling reasons why you should!

Engagement photos are so vital because they represent the beginning of a new chapter in your life. But if you’re newly engaged, you may be wondering do I really NEED engagement photos? Here are 5 reasons why they are worth the investment.

1.      Get to know your photographer

Your photographer will be with you on your wedding day, capturing intimate moments and special details. They’ll witness one of the most significant days in both of your lives! You should feel comfortable around them so that this experience is not only enjoyable but also memorable for years to come.

2.      Help you get comfortable in front of the camera.

So many people are wary about having their photograph taken and being in front of the camera! The best way to feel comfortable in front of the camera for your wedding is by getting used to it before your engagement shoot. You’ll have time for practice and can develop a sense that all will go well on your wedding day!

3.      It’s a chance to express yourselves

Your engagement photo shoot is a way to express yourself. It gives you the perfect opportunity to get beautiful, flattering photos taken of the two of you together just being your unique selves.

4.      Enjoy an unexpected bonding experience

While planning your wedding, it’s so easy to get distracted by all excitement, planning, and decisions that have to be made. During your engagement shoot, you’ll be a team, working together and focusing on one another … in fact, your photos will turn out SO much better if the two of you really focus on the connection and love between you while you’re being photographed.

5.      You’ll have photos to use for wedding purposes

The top reason that probably came to mind was that you can use them for wedding things! Your engagement photos are not only a great way to announce your upcoming nuptials to friends and family, but they also serve as a wonderful way to document this special time in your life. They can be used for everything from save-the-date cards and thank-you cards to a wedding website or guest book.

I hope this helped you see how important engagement photos are and why they are worth the investment! If you’re engaged and decided you want some amazing engagement photos, I would LOVE to be the one to help check that off your list for you. We’ll have a blast at your session and walk away with some beautiful images of the two of you together.

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