Dec 20, 2022

Schnepf Farms Wedding Venue & Why I Love It

Recently engaged and planning an Arizona wedding, but not sure where to host it? As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen a lot of Arizona venues. Here’s why Schnepf Farms is one of my favorites — so much so that I had my own wedding there in April 2022!

Wedding party for a heterosexual Arizona wedding

Three Venues!

Schnepf Farms is host to three different wedding venues. So, not only do they have three different options to match your vibe, they also run like a well oiled machine.

Let’s talk specifics…

The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is hands down my favorite venue (obviously why we chose it for our 2022 wedding). Why? When I shot my first wedding at Schnepf farms a few years ago, I was amazed by how perfectly the landscape filtered harsh Arizona sunlight. The backyard has tall trees that give sunset vibes all afternoon long! As a photographer, perfect lighting is really the greatest gift!

Also importantly, the Farmhouse allows you to tailor your wedding to your desires. Whether you want your ceremony in the backyard or out by the peach tree vineyard, you can create the flow that you desire. We opted to have our ceremony in the backyard, our dinner in the indoor dining hall, and our cocktail hour and dancing outside on the back patio. Other weddings choose to forego the indoor hall altogether by hosting their ceremony by the peach trees and having all the reception moments in the backyard.

It’s truly about making it your own!!

The Meadow

Arguably the most unique Phoenix wedding venue, the Meadow is a pine tree oasis in the middle of the Valley. If you’re wanting a Flagstaff or Colorado vibe without having to worry about the travel, look no further. With unique tented getting ready suites and farm-table set up, the Meadow is home to some of the greenest weddings in Phoenix. If you’re a rustic gyal or an adventurer, check this venue out!

The Big Red Barn

This venue is for the country folx who can’t get enough of swing dancing and country tunes! The Big Red Barn is a huge event space that creates a great “create your own” environment inside. You also get the greenery surrounding the barn, the updated bathrooms, and new getting ready suites!

The Staff and Other Things

One thing that cannot be left out is that the staff at Schnepf Farms is absolutely phenomenal. They respond to questions quickly, they are kind, and they have so many resources (including $50 to rent from any and all decor items in their decor room, including candle hurricanes)! Each of their venues has a getting ready suite for both sides of the wedding party. As I said previously, they truly are a well-oiled machine and you will be treated like royalty throughout the process.

And, as always, I’d love to be part of your day! When you’re ready, fill out the contact form. I can’t wait to chat!

Wedding couple kissing in open meadow with pine trees in Queen Creek Arizona

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