Dec 21, 2022

Adventure Wedding Sessions and 3 Reasons You Should Do One

The best add on you can have for your wedding– an additional photoshoot where you throw your wedding attire back on and we get those epic portraits! Plus, it means more time on your wedding day to be fully present with your guests.

1. More time on your wedding day and time for your photos

Wedding days can get hectic, though vendors do our best to make sure you don’t know it. Sometimes the timeline is late, the sky is cloudy and we lose sun sooner, or you just decide you want more time during cocktail hour. When you plan an adventure session, you get to be more present on your wedding day. You don’t need to spend as much time off on your own taking portraits or be worried about the sunlight or time for photos. Simply, you get to settle into the day and soak it all in knowing that you’ll get the Pinterest-worthy portraits you dream of during your adventure session.

2. Another reason to throw on your wedding attire

Seriously, how many times will you get to throw your wedding dress back on?!?! What better reason to wear it again than for epic portraits you’ll print on your walls and put in an album for generations to come.

3. Get creative

Whether it’s an epic location (Arizona is full of amazing locations) or a classic car and pearl studded gloves. You get to be creative with your adventure session in a way that weddings often don’t permit due to time constraints. You can easily add and ditch accessories, pick a hairstyle that better fits your vibe than many bridal styles might, and get to be fully focused on the moment with your partner.

Whether you want to do a traditional wedding, an elopement, or a micro-wedding, you can toss an adventure session onto your vision in so many ways. Fill out my contact form so we can chat about how this add-on fits your wedding desires and values!

interracial wedding couple in the sand dunes

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