Dec 21, 2022

Wedding Planning & Making Decisions that Serve Your Desires

Planning a wedding and overwhelmed with the sheer amount of decisions that you have to make? Value clarification is not just a therapy tool! Sitting down with your partner to clarify what your wedding values are will help you with each choice. Here’s how to do it!

Hand holding blurred interracial couple eloping in the city

Set a time to sit down and think about what matters

Here’s a strategy:

Sit down with your partner and a glass of wine or your favorite tea and set a timer. Independently write down everything you think of when you think of a wedding (food, music, dress, tux, florals, etc.). Then, once the timer goes off take a sip of your beverage and start numbering off what matters to you most (I promise, we’ll include your partner soon).

Your list might look something like this:

  1. Dress/Tux – I want us to look banging!
  2. Music – my favorite weddings had live music or a bangin’ DJ
  3. Guests – I really want to have a large guest list so we can celebrate with all our people
  4. Etc.

For more thoughts on values clarification, listen to my podcast/IG live with Asha Bailey Photography.

Talk about how you want your wedding to feel

If you’ve been to a few weddings, I’m sure you recognized how different each wedding feels. Some are chalked full of tears and deep emotions. Others leave you with hurt cheeks from so much laughter. The sentiment we got after our wedding was one I’ll never forget… a genuine community. So many people shared with us how special our friends and family were, how our wedding was full of genuine joy and hearts tied together in mutual respect and adoration. Our love did that!!!

Maybe you want your wedding to feel intimate like an elopement, but you have a big community that you want to include. Who says you can’t have both? For ideas on how to execute doing this however the fuck you want, take a listen to this podcast/IG live with Madisen Lynn Videography.

Before you make a decision on your wedding, pause for a moment to ask… “does this evoke or hinder the feeling I want for my wedding day?” Let the feeling be your guiding light.

Hire vendors that care about your values

You’ll be bombarded with ideas on social media and pinterest for your wedding. While many vendors have epic social content, ensure that the vendors care more about you than about creating content for their own marketing. When you set up a call with me, we will chat about what matters most to you for your wedding photos. After you book with me and I load you with resources, we will continue talking about what matters most to you on your wedding day so that we’re on the same page. That way, my lens and my attention are focused on your desires and values.

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Hand holding blurred interracial couple eloping in the city

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