Jan 17, 2023

Why you need a wedding planner & who I recommend

Engaged and planning a wedding? Wedding planners and day of coordinators are essential resources in the process. From design to setup and teardown, investing in an expert wedding planner is the best wedding decision you can make.

I got married while in law school, so funds were low low low low (*hey alexa, play apple bottom jeans*). While I made 90% of the wedding decisions on my own and 3% by my husband, there were lingering questions and logistics that I could not make sense of! Hiring Desert Whim (unfortunately, they no longer plan weddings) as my day-of coordination was the best decision I could have made.


Simply, because I got to turn off the design and details in my brain and release control to someone I trusted. Planners know weddings, they know efficiency. They know the little things like what product to use to get your taper candles to stand up straight in your candle holders. Seriously, they are experts in the wedding industry down to every detail. The benefit for you on your day of? Getting to ENJOY and let someone else deal with the issues that will undoubtedly arise on your wedding day.


I recently hopped on the podcast with Kris from Konsider it Done. Konsider it Done is an inclusive and nontraditional wedding planner in Phoenix, Arizona but they are up for travel. In the podcast, Kris shared some incredible insight to wedding planning and design.

Here are some highlights:

  1. They offer 3 different packages to fit your needs from day of coordination to full design and planning.
  2. Konsider It Done believes your wedding should be unique to you, and makes decisions based on your desires.
  3. Konsider It Done helps you manage the stress that comes with wedding planning– including giving you language to manage your family’s expectations.
  4. They focus their design on how it feels and trust their recommended vendors to match the vibe.
  5. Importantly, they give recommendations based on what YOU shared that you want. Once your design and vision are refined, they go through a second vendor recommendation process so that what you envision is what you’ll get.

While they offer so much more, those are some highlights. I really cannot recommend Konsider It Done more. Working with Kris on your wedding day is a complete joy, she is tough and thorough and will make your vision come to life.

Most importantly, Konsider It Done is incredibly inclusive. Especially for LGTBQ+ couples, please reach out to Kris because she will protect you through the often traumatic cis-hetero wedding industry. And she won’t be shy about it.

You can listen to the whole podcast here!

As always, to book with me or get more information please head to my contact form. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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