Jan 23, 2023

The Wedding Blues, A Perspective Piece by Recent Bride

Fatima & James recently were married in Cancun, Mexico surrounded by people who adore and support them. Fatima and James have family and friends who reside all across the world– from Zimbabwe, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Hong Kong to name a few. It was a gorgeous and momentous occasion that brought people together for one epic destination wedding.

To hear how Fatima is dealing with the Wedding Blues, and how she defines it, read the excerpt below:

“I have been to and I have been a part of several weddings, so why didn’t anyone tell me about these wedding blues?!

Aside from already being an emotional gal, I had no idea I would be this sad that my wedding was over. I actually thought it would be the opposite and I would be happy that it was over… that’s what most people were telling me anyway.

Throughout wedding planning I had many conversations about logistics, expenses, colors, food and dresses but I never had a conversation about the actual magic that takes place on the wedding day. All my friends and family would be together for the first time. Guests would be flying in from all over the world. People would be laughing, chatting and getting along all because they have 2 people in common. It really is a beautiful, special day that would never repeat itself.

It all hit me just days after the wedding, on my mini-moon, when I was looking for pictures and videos on my phone. Of course, I had zilch. I had nothing, nada, no content to relive it all. It made sense because I was barely on my phone that day but this was the beginning of a very sad, unexpected case of the wedding blues. I frantically began thinking of all the moments I didn’t want to forget, wondering who I could text for pictures, and feeling an immense amount of regret for putting myself in this position.

I’m not sure how long these wedding blues will last. After all, I will never get that day back. I do know that I will be able to relive it all once I receive our wedding photos and video. That is what I try to look forward to rather than look back right now. Knowing that I hired a photographer I trust and that I’ve seen capture so many beautiful memories for others, is really my only hope for a cure right now. I can’t wait to look back on all our guests who made the trip, all the little details that I probably overlooked, and all the love that we were surrounded by that day.

To any future brides, I wouldn’t say beware of the wedding blues, I would just say be prepared. Whether you’re throwing a big party like we did, or you’re having a small intimate gathering, at the end all you’ll have are the photos and video to support those amazing memories.”

South Asian Bride and New Zealander Groom in a classic car for an epic elopment

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