Feb 23, 2023

How to Incorporate Your Personalities Into Your Wedding Photos

Tired of cookie cutter wedding photos that all look the same? I’m here to give you tips on ensuring that your wedding photos represent your personality, your vision, and your overall vibe. After all, your wedding is all about you and your photos should reflect that!


Choose a photographer that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and free to be yourself! While I would love to be considered, I only take on 20 weddings a year because it ensures we can build a relationship wherein you’re able to be 100% yourself and trust me to tell your unique story. Whether I’m the right fit for you or not, it’s really important for you to get on a call or meet in person with your potential photographers. Make sure you vibe well, make sure you like them and you feel like your values align. It will absolutely make your wedding photos more comfortable and more fun!


Be yourself at every step! Do a value clarification exercise with your partner prior to starting any wedding planning. Each step of the way you can check in and ask… does this (color pallete, way to spend money, etc.) align with our values??? Essentially, does it feel like us? If not, then don’t do it! Easier said than done, I know. But your wedding photos and your overall experience will feel so much more authentic and comfortable if you check in regularly. Specifically with photos, be yourself from the moment you submit a contact form and throughout every meeting, photoshoot, and communication with your photographer. Make sure they see you, make sure they know you! That way, your photographer knows your personalities and is better able to highlight them on your day.


Communicate in advance! Tell your photographer if you think you’ll want lots of posing and direction, or if you want more of a fly on the wall style. Tell them the people that are reallllllly important to you so that on your wedding day they can take photos of your interactions with them. Tell your wedding photographer how you want your whole wedding to feel (i.e., intimate, a rager,…) so their lens is super focused on your wedding day. The more you communicate who you are and what you value, the better your photographer (hopefully me!) can tell your story.

Obviously, getting to know you is an incredibly important part of my wedding photography philosophy. Even my brand name means SAFE because you’re so safe to be yourself here. I promise to tell your story.

Whether you go with me or someone else, I hope these tips help you to do your wedding your way.

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Wedding couple licking each other during their cake cutting
Wedding couple licking each other during their cake cutting

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