Oct 16, 2023

Are Maternity Photo Shoots Worth It?

Congratulations! You’re pregnant!!! You’re learning how to make pickles on Pinterest. You’re binging all the episodes of Call the Midwife on Netflix. You’re actually pumped about going to doctor’s appointments, and you’ve ordered “What to Expect When Expecting” on Amazon. Next step — booking that maternity shoot! But are maternity photo shoots worth it? Totally! And here’s why. 

Why Is It Important To Have A Maternity Shoot?

As a photographer, I’m asked a ton of great questions but this is the question I get asked the most.

A maternity photo shoot is not only a fun and memorable way to welcome your beautiful babe into the world, but it’s also an incredible gift you get to give yourself! It allows you to honor the amazing work your body is doing growing an actual human being. It’s all about celebrating the miracle of creating a brand-new life.

There are many things you’ll do with the photos from your maternity shoot, from sending them out to family and friends to getting them printed and hung on your walls at home, to even posting them on social media. 

But these photos aren’t just for you and your family to enjoy. Your future baby will cherish having these photos to look back on, knowing they were so wanted, loved, and treasured even before they took their first breath.  

When Should You Do A Maternity Shoot? 

Another question I often get asked from expecting mamas is “in which month should I do a maternity photoshoot?”

All women and all bodies are different, and mamas begin showing at different times throughout their pregnancies. You’ll also find that different photographers have different recommendations for when you should schedule your shoot, but I like to say you should aim for between 30 and 36 weeks. 

Why? Because during this time you’re far enough along for your belly to be in full bloom, but you’re not so close to your due date that you’re risking going into labor and missing your window of opportunity for a maternity shoot. Once that babe has made their grand entrance, a maternity shoot is kind of out the window!

And speaking of their grand entrance, here’s the thing. Babies are rarely punctual. Sometimes they’re late and sometimes they’re early. That’s why scheduling your shoot for between 30 and 36 weeks is a recommendation, not a rule. 

When asking “how many weeks pregnant should you take maternity photos”, I can’t stress enough that you’ll also want to consider your unique pregnancy. If you’re expecting to welcome your little nugget (or nuggets, if you’re preparing for multiples) somewhat early, then schedule your shoot earlier just to be safe. 

How Much Should You Spend On Maternity Photos?

The average cost of a maternity session can vary depending on how simple or luxurious you want your shoot to be. My sessions range between $460 and $690, plus the cost of a studio or location permit, if one is needed.

So, are maternity photo shoots worth it? Maternity shoots are an investment, but they are OH so worth it. I’ve never met a mama who regretted having a maternity shoot, but I have met plenty of families who passed up the opportunity to have a maternity shoot and wished they hadn’t down the road.

When Should I Book My Maternity Shoot? 

To ensure you have plenty of time to plan and to make sure you lock your photographer in, I’d say it’s best to schedule your maternity shoot sometime between your 12-week and 20-week ultrasound.


Ready to book a maternity photographer in Phoenix?

Whether you want more natural maternity photography in Phoenix, highlighting the desert landscape, or you’re hoping to have a full-blown baby party at a gorgeous venue in front of the camera lens, I’m your girl. Get in touch and let’s welcome that babe the right way!

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