Oct 16, 2023

The 10 Best Wedding Venues In Downtown Phoenix

There’s no shortage of wedding venues in downtown Phoenix, but that doesn’t make picking the perfect wedding venue for your unique wedding any easier!

Let’s be real. So much of your wedding revolves around your venue. I’m talking about your aesthetic, your photos, and just the overall vibe. Making sure you have a vision for your wedding from the start can help give you an idea of what the right venue might be, but snagging your dream venue takes time, research, and a little bit of wedding magic. 

Don’t stress — I’m here to help and I’ve got a list of killer wedding venues in downtown Phoenix for you to pick from! 

But First, Let’s Talk About How To Pick From The Best Downtown Phoenix Wedding Venues

Selecting the perfect wedding venue for your distinct celebration involves a few key steps, and this is where a mood board can come in handy. That’s right! Mood boards aren’t just used for wedding photo inspo!

Begin by envisioning your wedding style, whether it’s a desert chic outdoor affair or an elegant urban event. Determine your wedding date, your guest count, and your budget — keeping in mind any specific requirements or preferences you may have along the way. 

Next, research venues in Arizona that align with your vision, considering factors like location, available services, and the ambiance they offer. It’s always a good idea to arrange site visits as well, so you can get a feel for the space you’re interested in, meet with event coordinators, and ensure the venue can cater to your specific needs. 

Feeling overwhelmed with venue choices? Here are 10 Phoenix wedding venues I’m obsessed with to help you get the ball rolling!   

1. Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel   

The Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel is an exceptional wedding venue in Phoenix, AZ for several reasons. Its prime downtown location provides the convenience of urban accessibility with stunning cityscape views, creating a captivating backdrop for your special day. 

There are several spaces available at the hotel for a wedding, but if you have your heart set on an outdoor affair, the terrace is a prime location. I love the elegant and contemporary design, which offers so much versatility for your big day! The layout allows you to customize the space to your unique wedding vision, so you can really go in a number of directions with your aesthetic. 

Plus, the experienced event team at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel for weddings is dedicated to ensuring every detail of your day is perfect, from the catering to the decor. 

2. The Icehouse

Mixing historical architecture with industrial charm, The Icehouse wedding venue in Phoenix offers a remarkable setting for a wedding your guests will be talking about for years to come. 

As a Phoenix wedding photographer, I find myself most drawn to its historic industrial charm. I LOVE the exposed brick walls and the open indoor space, which allows couples and creative wedding planners to arrange the setting of their celebration almost any way they like. 

This is a distinctive and trendy setting for modern couples, but it also offers something magical for those who are into Old World vibes. The venue even offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing for flexibility and creativity in wedding planning. 

Whether you’re envisioning an intimate gathering or a huge celebration, The Icehouse can definitely cater to your needs. 

3. The Phoenix Art Museum 

Have you ever considered saying your “I Do’s” in a museum?! If not, I’m here to encourage you to explore the option. 

The Phoenix Art Museum wedding venue is an extraordinary place to get married, renowned for its artful appeal and versatile spaces. It’s an excellent venue for the couple looking for striking architectural design and artistic ambiance to create a unique backdrop for a memorable wedding. 

With both indoor and outdoor spaces available, couples can tailor the setting to their specific vision, whether it’s an intimate affair or a grand celebration. Choosing the Phoenix Art Museum as your venue not only provides an elegant and cultural setting but also offers tons of opportunities for breathtaking wedding photography amid world-class art! 

4. The Venue on Washington

Aptly named, The Venue on Washington shines as a remarkable wedding venue in Phoenix, Arizona, celebrated for its blend of elegance and versatility. 

This historic space, characterized by its exposed brick walls and industrial-chic design, creates a distinctive and trendy setting for weddings that any wedding photographer (me included) will be drooling over. 

With a choice of indoor and outdoor spaces, The Venue On Washington wedding venue caters to a wide range of wedding styles and sizes. And I absolutely love the venue’s inviting ambiance and commitment to crafting personalized experiences.

I highly recommend this space for any couple seeking a stylish and unforgettable wedding in the heart of downtown Phoenix!

5. Warehouse 215 

First, you fell in love with your fiancé. Now it’s time to fall in love with your wedding venue. And if you’re looking for a chic, urban setting with a large outdoor courtyard for ceremonies and receptions, look no further than Warehouse 215. 

Warehouse 215 is a standout wedding venue in Phoenix famous for its urban-chic charm and versatility. This distinctive space combines industrial aesthetics with modern design, offering a unique and stylish setting for a variety of couples and weddings. 

The venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing couples to customize their event to suit their individual tastes and guest count. With its trendy ambiance and commitment to creating personalized, memorable experiences, a Warehouse 215 wedding is a no-brainer for love birds looking to host a one-of-a-kind wedding experience!

6. The Wright House 

The Wright House wedding venue may be about 15 minutes outside of downtown Phoenix, but it’s too spectacular not to mention.

This venue is cherished for its historic charm and intimate ambiance. The elegant mansion, surrounded by lush gardens and picturesque courtyards, creates a romantic and timeless backdrop for weddings. 

With a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, couples have the flexibility to design their dream wedding, whether it’s an intimate affair or a big extravaganza. The dedicated staff at The Wright House specializes in wedding planning, ensuring that every detail, from decor to catering, is executed flawlessly. 

The Wright House’s enchanting atmosphere and commitment to providing a truly memorable experience make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a classic and romantic wedding!

7. The Camby Hotel

The Camby Hotel wedding venue in Phoenix, AZ is another exceptional place to get married!

Celebrated for its modern luxury and distinctive style, the hotel offers a contemporary setting with upscale amenities and chic design, making it perfect for couples seeking an elegant and upscale wedding. 

The Camby Hotel provides a range of indoor and outdoor event spaces, ensuring versatility for various wedding styles and guest counts. It also has a team of staff dedicated to delivering personalized wedding experiences, from exquisite decor to gourmet catering. 

This is a sophisticated and stylish wedding venue choice in Phoenix you’ll definitely want to check out!

8. Secret Garden by Wedgewood Weddings  

Secret Garden by Wedgewood Weddings is an enchanting wedding venue in Phoenix known for its lush landscape and secluded setting. This hidden gem is about 10 minutes south of downtown, but it boasts picturesque gardens, fountains, and an old-world chapel, creating a fairytale setting for weddings worth talking about.

Like many of the wedding venues in downtown Phoenix on this list, this venue includes indoor and outdoor spaces. The Secret Garden wedding venue staff also ensures every detail, from decor to catering, is executed brilliantly! 

9. The Van Buren 

The Van Buren wedding venue in downtown Phoenix is an absolute gem for a wedding photographer like me, so I definitely had to include it on my list.

I’m in love with this event center’s urban chic vibe, and the vibrant city backdrop just adds to the venue’s charm, providing the perfect canvas for capturing unforgettable moments. 

The mix of contemporary architecture and historic ambiance offers endless creative possibilities for your aesthetic, while the natural light flooding in through those industrial-sized windows is a dream for crafting stunning, sun-kissed shots!

10. Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens

Last but never least, we have the Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens wedding venue. While not exactly in downtown Phoenix, this lush garden oasis offers a romantic setting just a short drive away.

Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens is a secluded treasure among wedding venues in this area. Adored for its enchanting and private atmosphere, this unique venue boasts a beautiful garden, complete with a serene waterfall and quant chapel, creating a storybook setting for romantic weddings. 

The venue provides both indoor and outdoor spaces, so you still have that versatility for different wedding styles and guest sizes. With a fairytale ambiance and commitment to crafting magical experiences, it’s one of my faves as a wedding photographer in Phoenix, hands down.

When Looking For The Best Wedding Venues in Downtown Phoenix…

When selecting your wedding venue, remember to consider your budget, the size of your guest list, and the aesthetic of the wedding you’re dreaming of. It’s also important to visit these venues in person, discuss your specific needs with their event coordinators, and ensure they can accommodate your unique vision for your special day.


So, are you ready to start planning your dream wedding? Don’t forget to book your photographer! Get in touch today to start planning your wedding photography. 

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